Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula VICTORIA

I was lucky enough to be referred for this property shoot in the Mornington. 

The owner of this house + land is advertising it for hire. targeted towards photographers and film makers who need a stunning location as a backdrop for advertising, commercials, photoshoots etc.

I discovered the Mornington Peninsula in 2012 when my little family travelled around Australia in an old caravan.  It quickly became one of my most favourite places to visit.  

I was excited to do this shoot because of its location and because the owner described her style as eclectic / rustic and somewhat bohemian... WOOOOOOO, yes thank you!

Please feel free to book me for your shoot if you are located anywhere in Australia / or abroad...


The Pearce House

When I walked into this house, I was immediately inspired to create! It is refreshing and pleasurable when I see an architectural property styled to enhance the organic feel of the space. 

Below are some emails from Tracey before and after our photoshoot.  Everything she told me prior to the shoot was exciting... I knew this was going to be 'my type' of property!

"Your online portfolio shows that you have an eye for detail, which our house requires (not just the standard run-of-the-mill real estate shots)." Client (Tracey SJ)

"Our house is a little unusual in that it is small but 'high end' (but not what you might expect).

"It is the former house of Australian contemporary artist Rosalie Gascoigne and her astronomer husband Charles Gascoigne.
It is in updated, but mostly original condition and is a Mid-Century Modern architectural design by Theo Bischoff, circa 1969.
It has a mix of painted (white) and unpainted brick and timber walls, and lots of glass sliding doors and clerestory windows too.
The house has a very warm feeling with lots of timber and unusual brown (raked) caneite ceilings. It has an internal courtyard and views from its elevated position facing north to Black Mountain across Woden Valley."

"It sits nestled very discreetly on a very large, rustic, bush clad block, and does not shout from the street. The surprise is inside and out the back!"  Client (Tracey SJ)

Thanks for your patience, understanding, flexibility and friendliness throughout our communications - and especially in person yesterday when you came to take the shots." 

"It was so lovely to meet with you and chat while you worked... "

One of the most important compliments I have ever received is the acknowledgement that there is the possibility that my images have created a sense, a feeling a personality even to a home which may save it from developers demolishing a piece of history in replacement of townhouses.

 "Your photos have helped with building that sense of its value - and hopefully, its preservation."

Client (Tracey SJ)


Pearce 3 Anstey St_05.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_02.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_03.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_04.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_06.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_07.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_08.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_09.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_10.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_12.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_14.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_15.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_17.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_18.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_26.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_19.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_20.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_21.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_22.jpg
Pearce 3 Anstey St_24.jpg

Food Photographer Canberra, Australia

Foodie.... well, I do like to eat it, style it, photograph it (not in that order)

On Saturday I took my youngest babe out... we hit the shops (actually we spent 4 hours in and around Fyshwick ACT) *postoffice *Canberra Outlet Centre (Freedom Furniture) * Sportsmans warehouse *Officeworks *Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets. 

I was fantastically surprised by my 9 year olds enthusiasm to product and food styling... perhaps it stems from all the youtube she watches? or that she has creative genes? or that she really likes spending my money on props and yummy treats (for the photos of course!)

Here are the results of our tiresome shopping (jokes, I love shopping!)

Photographer Canberra
Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets Canberra
Bakery Photograper Canberra
Food Photographer Canberra
Fresh Food Photography
Food Photographer Canberra Australia
Bees Honey Canberra
Vegetable photography
Freedom Furniture Bowl
Star Fruit
Hot Chocholate
Food Photographer Canberra Queanbeyan Australia

Rob Henry Architects | Photoshoot

I was on the scout for beautiful homes / spaces to photograph... for myself, my creative needs... for my business and for satisfying my goals.

Rob was kind enough to meet with me, listen to my ideas and offer me spaces to shoot.... one of them being 'The Box House'.

This beauty is set within a rural backdrop... designed with minimal impact on the environment,  built within a natural clearing on the property.  The box house is a two storey rectangular box form designed on a single longitudinal axis.  

Not only is the design outstanding, but the furnishings compliment, even enhance the home.  I really, really enjoyed shooting this space!


K x

Architectural photography Canberra and NSW
2_HR_Wamboin-5 copy.jpg
11_HR_Wamboin-33 copy.jpg
22_HR_Wamboin-87 copy.jpg
23_HR_Wamboin-93 copy.jpg
24_HR_Wamboin-94 copy.jpg
26_HR_Wamboin-110 copy.jpg
34_HR_Wamboin-130 copy.jpg
33_HR_Wamboin-129 copy.jpg
31_HR_Wamboin-119 copy.jpg
32_HR_Wamboin-124 copy.jpg
20_HR_Wamboin-80 copy.jpg

Builder Display Home

There is a story here... more than just four walls with styled furniture.

This is how I like to shoot, I get excited working with beautiful spaces and adding 'talent' to the images... creating movement, flow, personality.

Throsby Real estate builder lifestyle
Throsby canberra lifestyle builder real estate
Throsby 141 Bettong St
Throsby Canberra photographer
Throsby 141 Bettong St _10.jpg
Throsby 141 Bettong St _03.jpg
Throsby 141 Bettong St _05.jpg
Throsby 141 Bettong St _07.jpg
Throsby 141 Bettong St _16.jpg
Throsby 141 Bettong St _06.jpg
Throsby 141 Bettong St _09.jpg
Throsby 141 Bettong St _14.jpg
Throsby 141 Bettong St _13.jpg

2018 personal post

I have needed a moment. A moment for reflection, growth, a moment for self. 
I needed to redirect my energy from last year, change that energy and place it gently and peacefully into this new year... a year for hope and more moments of self. 
I will be present in my mind and listen to my body, I will take time to breathe, to swim and pray to mother nature. 
To feel gratitude and nurture my creative needs. 
I will be the woman of strength, love and passion for my babes.

This fun pic is of my youngest love.... embracing the peace that lays beneath.

underwater photography Broulee NSW

Casey ACT

Architecture, movement, lifestyle, joy of house.... all of the things I like to include in my photoshoots.  

K x

Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_04.jpg
Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_01.jpg
Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_08.jpg
Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_09.jpg
Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_10.jpg
Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_17.jpg
Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_18.jpg
Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_19.jpg
Casey 48 Wighton Terrace_30.jpg
Casey 48 Wighton Terrace_19.jpg
Casey 48 Wighton Terrace_22.jpg

Agent profile photos

Are you after a photograph that represents your professional self + your real life personality!? 

Marketing | Business cards |  Website | Email Signature 


In-home family lifestyle

We live in (or near) Canberra right?....... so, there is great need to hibernate for the loooong winter months. #Ihatethecold!!! anyway, on a more positive note this does lend itself to in-home lifestyle shoots! (which I love!) because I love warm homes... and their families.  

These two little firecrackers and their beautiful Muma (I'm biased bacause Muma is my long time bestie from school!) opened their arms, hearts and wildness to my camera and I. (Love you gals)

enjoy xx  

K x

AIPP State Awards 2017

Always a mixture of emotions when entering your art into any competition... especially the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers State awards. ACT + NSW go up together to compete for titles, points and recognition.

Last year I was awarded a gold for one of my commercial prints taken at the VIBE hotel here in Canberra. This year I won a silver for one of my Landscape images shown below.

*All images belong to Kasey Funnell Photography | copyright © 

Lifestyle | Real Estate Photography!

Commercial photography is a different ball game.  You need to be precise, accurate, you need the perfect lighting, the right level of technical skill, you need to know your gear inside out.  Lifestyle photography is where you allow yourself to break all these rules and capture the emotion of a scene.  I like to combine both practices when the opportunity arises. These images are for Home. By Holly.  

I have a real need to be different.... a need to stand out in the world of photography.   It makes creating art so much more fun!