me to you...


I am a mother, a wife, a photographer, a friend, a daughter, granddaughter, aunt and a sister.  I am fiercely protective and passionate about those that I just mentioned.  

I am on a constant search for my life purpose.  I believe in being true to your soul’s needs…. eating what makes you happy, surrounding yourself with pretty & sentimental things, laying on the couch, under a tree, under your sheets.  Watching movies and silly tv shows. Dancing in the rain | car | supermarket.  

I breathe deep when I am near the ocean.  I love to run wildly into the sea yelling ‘freedom’  (peace sign fingers).

I am charged by storms, the sun on my back, warm rain and the earthy smell of fresh pine needles. I love the visual of curtains gently blowing in the breeze. The feeling of warm air flowing through my house cleansing the rooms it fills.
I love fairy lights and pieces of furniture that lend a glimpse into someone else’s past.  

If I wasn’t a photographer I would be a historian. I find the past fascinating!  

I love to get my groove on.. any sort of music will do thanks! I will listen to anything from beautiful French tunes then switch to 90’s RnB for a dance.

I am a gypsy at heart and love to explore. I constantly dream of the next travel adventure with my little family loves.  

I hold onto sentimental things even if I don’t have the room for them (emotionally + physically).  

I am an advocate for the rights of humans and animals. I dress how I dress, I don’t follow trends. I am messy, but I don’t like mess around me (go figure).

I enjoy real + honest moments where there are no expectations and people can let go of themselves…  

I am a list writer….   it keeps my mind at rest.  

My personality comes in many forms.... I can fit into any situation with ease... If you show me kindness you will receive all the emotional riches I have to offer.  

I have photographic dreams and they involve a good house magazine! I am an award winning (yet humble) AIPP photographer (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) who absolutely loves what I do…
I feel completely honoured… So, thank you!


K x