GEMA Group

Commercial Photographer - Canberra

What an amazing group of GEMA Group employees for being my talent for the day! thank you!

Manuka Oval Canberra.

GEMA group_16.jpg
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Di + Drew Wedding

Weddings… love them right!

When I started my photographer journey back in 1997, I photographed weddings - on film! yikes!

When Di + Drew asked me to capture their wedding day, I said yes, yes of course! both are unique in style and flavour (which I am attracted too!) Di can cross from boho, hippie, organic natural to knitted Nanna with ease. I knew I would be able to relax into my own ‘lifestyle’ style and flow through the event, capturing the beauty as it unfolded….. plus coloured smoke was involved!

oh yeah, two more things.. Crowded House + Fleetwood Mac!!

check - it - out!

Di + Drew-418 copy.jpg
Di + Drew-290.jpg
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Di + Drew-616.jpg

Skew Communications

Skew Communications - lifestyle branding head shots! Always a pleasure working with Suzanna / Director #bosslady of Skew Communications. Suzie is one of those women who inspire! She is genuine, positive, fun loving and powerful.. check out her head shots. @skewcomms


Nerio - Googong House

Photography… interiors and lifestyle imagery to aid in selling or marketing or winning awards, such as the MBA (Master Builders Awards) which awesomely happens annually and I get to play the part of photographer for a select few of legends hoping to win.. WIN!

So, when the magnificently talented Jess from asked for my help (because of my ‘STYLE’) (bless her) I was totally IN!

Here are a few examples from one of the properties we photographed in Googong, ACT

Googong 22 Goosier Loop_02.jpg
Googong 22 Goosier Loop_03.jpg
Googong 22 Goosier Loop_04.jpg
Googong 22 Goosier Loop_06.jpg
Googong 22 Goosier Loop_08.jpg
Googong 22 Goosier Loop_09.jpg
Googong 22 Goosier Loop_10.jpg
Googong 22 Goosier Loop_19.jpg
Googong 22 Goosier Loop_21.jpg

Nerio Group

Nerio, a strategic marketing agency - where ordinary has no place.

OMG perfect yes!! Who wants to be ordinary? Nahhh, not me!

Anyway, photography is my game… interiors and lifestyle imagery to aid in selling or marketing or winning awards, such as the MBA (Master Builders Awards) which awesomely happens annually and I get to play the part of photographer for a select few of legends hoping to win.. WIN!

So, when the magnificently talented Jess from asked for my help (because of my ‘STYLE’) (bless her) I was totally IN!

Here are a few examples from one of the properties we photographed in Denman Prospect, ACT.

Denman Prospect_04.jpg
Denman Prospect_05.jpg
Denman Prospect_06.jpg
Denman Prospect_09.jpg
Denman Prospect_13.jpg
Denman Prospect_14.jpg
Denman Prospect_16.jpg
Denman Prospect_18.jpg
Denman Prospect_22.jpg
Denman Prospect_24.jpg
Denman Prospect_25.jpg
Denman Prospect_26.jpg

Pioneer Kitchens

@pioneerkitchens certainly raise their hand when quality comes into play! the textures, products, colours, hidden rooms, hidden fridges, beautiful benches… this is another example of what I’m saying (in photographs!)

Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_01_1.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_02_1.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_03.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_04.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_05.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_06.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_08.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_09.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_11.jpg
Red Hill 23 Golden Grove Pioneer Kitchens_17.jpg

Vibrant Kitchens

You want the design and flow of your kitchen to be as good as the build itself! Here is an example of that unique kitchen design for @vibrantkitchens that I photographed a few weeks ago.

Gordon Vibrant Kitchens_02.jpg
Gordon Vibrant Kitchens_03.jpg
Gordon Vibrant Kitchens_05.jpg
Gordon Vibrant Kitchens_07.jpg

Seamless Kitchens

As we all know a kitchen can sell the home it’s in… it can inspire families to create delicious dinners, it can be a gathering point… this is a beautiful kitchen I photographed for Matt @seamlesskitchens

Seamless Kitchens_03.jpg
Seamless Kitchens_04.jpg
Seamless Kitchens_05.jpg
Seamless Kitchens_07.jpg
Seamless Kitchens_09.jpg

Elliott Hardie Homes

Working with a quality builder is always nice! especially when I’m photographing one of their builds for the Master Builders Awards (MBA)

Curtin 8 Daglish St_02.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_04.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_05.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_07.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_09.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_11.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_12.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_13.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_15.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_18.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_28.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_30.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_35.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_25.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_26.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_31.jpg
Curtin 8 Daglish St_40.jpg

Architecture Republic

I’m always happy shooting / photographing with the team from @architecturerepublic… there is always a purpose and feature that stands out with their builds. This time it was the beautiful exterior / double sided fireplace and views for days!

Googong 28 Connolly St_04.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_06.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_07.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_08.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_09.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_10.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_11.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_13.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_14.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_17.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_18.jpg
Googong 28 Connolly St_20.jpg

Pioneer Kitchens 'The Forest House'

Kitchens sell homes, right? This one certainly sold me…well, if it was for sale that is. I am not kidding when I say that my first word was ‘WOW’ when I walked around the corner and into this space. I see A LOT of kitchens / spaces / homes. I like a space that basically just allows me to be technical in my creative process… I dont need to move things around to make the space look better in the photo, it just is, better.

Another stand out for me was the art in the space. oh, yes please. Do this people… put art anywhere you bloody like! in the kitchen… yes, please DO it!

Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_01.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_03.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_07.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_08.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_12.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_14.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_16.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_22.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_25.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_27.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_28.jpg
Forrest 19 Tennyson Cres_29.jpg

Villaggio Sant' Antonio

Once those ‘villagers - oldies - retirees - wise folk’ hold my hand and tell me their story I’m hooked - my heart is theirs.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph a few retirement homes in my career… and in doing so, have met some amazing people.

Villaggio Sant' Antonio_51.jpg
Villaggio Sant' Antonio_90.jpg
Villaggio Sant' Antonio_70.jpg
Villaggio Sant' Antonio_40.jpg
Villaggio Sant' Antonio_04.jpg
Villaggio Sant' Antonio_88.jpg
Villaggio Sant' Antonio_68.jpg
Villaggio Sant' Antonio_05.jpg

Wamboin, NSW

When the builder is childlike in his excitement for this new build, you know the passion is not lost in life.  The fact that this commissioned build was strategically built into the side of a hill.. perched high but built down into the side of the land.. with two wings that overlook the landscape.  The materials used are in keeping with the land and its surroundings... beautifully thought out and painstakingly built over time.  Again, an impressive build by Natura Homes.


Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_22.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_03.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_01.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_02.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_04.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_05.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_06.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_07.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_08.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_09.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_10.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_12.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_13.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_14.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_15.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_16.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_17.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_18.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_19.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_20.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_23.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_24.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_25.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_26.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_27.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_29.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_30.jpg
Wamboin 124 Yuranga Dr_31.jpg

Natura Homes

Every time I photograph for these guys I know its a quality build.  Not only are they green aware in their builds, their attention to detail is on point.

In this new build the timber flows from the exterior right through to the main living.  There is an organic mix of timbers, polished concrete, volcanic stone... original art pieces in-built.  Beautiful.

Throsby 7 Glider St_01.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_04.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_05.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_09.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_10.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_14.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_16.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_17.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_25.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_33.jpg
Throsby 7 Glider St_37.jpg

New Build Curtin, ACT

I enjoy working with builders.  I like to see the process and the end result.  I like to see the unique and personal touches to each project.  Here is a new build I photographed for a build client in Curtin, ACT.

Curtin 7 Peake Pl_03.jpg
Curtin 7 Peake Pl_04.jpg
Curtin 7 Peake Pl_05.jpg
Curtin 7 Peake Pl_07.jpg
Curtin 7 Peake Pl_11.jpg
Curtin 7 Peake Pl_12.jpg
Curtin 7 Peake Pl_14.jpg
Curtin 7 Peake Pl_19.jpg
Curtin 7 Peake Pl_21.jpg


I am an Accredited Professional Photographer

An Accredited Professional Photographer a photographer, who doesn't just claim to be a "professional" but earns that title by successfully completing the rigorous AIPP accreditation process.

Accreditation is designed to give you, the consumer, confidence that your Professional Photographer is a proven, experienced, technically capable, professional practitioner, who complies with all legal business requirements, has appropriate insurance and who is willing to agree to the mandatory Code of Professional Practice and to the requirement to continually improve their photographic skills by committing to continue their professional development.

To become accredited, a Professional Photographer has to:

  1. Demonstrate that they have been practising for a minimum of 2 years.
  2. Demonstrate that they have satisfied clients and suppliers by providing written references.
  3. Demonstrate that they comply with all legal, ethical and moral business requirements to practice as a professional in Australia.
  4. Demonstrate that their photographic skills are of our required "Professional Standard".
  5. Agree to have a portfolio of their work, assessed by a panel of experienced AIPP image assessors.
  6. Achieve the required portfolio assessment standard.
  7. Agree to continue their professional development through the AIPP CPD program, maintaining up to date skills and business practices each year.

The AIPP continually monitors its ACCC certified accreditation requirements to ensure that the standard for accredited membership is appropriate for the profession of photography in 2017 and beyond.

Every year the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) holds its annual awards.... the State awards (ACT + NSW) and if you qualify (getting a certain amount of points in state) you can then go on to enter the National awards.  This year I entered both.  Here are some of the images. I came away with a couple of SLVER awards this year.


APPA Stamps 2018-31.png

Brack Design

I have a varied working day which is nice.  I can photograph houses, people, events, concrete.... yes, this shoot was for a professional concreter who had won some awards and was getting published into a magazine.  In need of good photos to showcase some of his work he was referred to me. (which is always nice!) Thank you for all your referrals!

Sam Brack_08.jpg
Sam Brack_09.jpg
Sam Brack_16.jpg
Sam Brack_10.jpg
Sam Brack_06.jpg
Sam Brack_01.jpg
Sam Brack_03.jpg
Sam Brack_02.jpg