Lifestyle Photography Canberra

So, today I did something really fun… I (we) photographed another lifestyle photographer (and friend)!

There are three of us, who like to get together and talk shop every now and then.  Three amigos Shelley, Shelly & Kasey… who love to laugh and be silly. (and take photos).

We are taking turns to photograph each other.  I pretty much bagged the last spot due to my lack of enthusiasm being in front of the camera (preferring to be behind it).  Shelley nervously volunteered to be our first model.  It's a good experience to feel what our clients potentially feel on the other side of the lens… right?

I was excited to shoot Shelley, as she has a similar vision for how she wanted her end images to look (or more importantly to feel).  She likes blur, movement and hair flinging hehe. Ok, nice… I'm in!

Shelly #2 and I climbed on top & over each other today to get that magical shot of our model.  It was fun & funny & we laughed… a lot.  Shelley got dizzy from hair flinging and had prickles in her back from laying on pine needles. Priceless and totally worth it… I'm sure.

I used to shoot film (back in the day).  My most favourite thing to do was get my prints back and sift through them.  It was a maximum level of photographic excitement on my behalf.  These days I feel that same level of enjoyment taking a moment to scroll through my digital files on the back of my Nikon.   I did this today after our shoot.  I grabbed some lunch and sat in my car unable to wait until I got back to my mac for the viewing.

There are some real moments captured here. some real feels.  That beautiful smile. Whoa, baby!