Workshop glory

A few months ago I followed my instincts all the way down to the Peninsula, Victoria..... I was lucky enough to be in attendance of the 'Life: Unmade' workshop run by the talented | spirited and beautiful Amy Rushbrook of Lark + Bear.  

I am so glad I took that step forward, for my business, for my heart and for my personal growth. Learning and joining other talents was food for my creative soul.  Plus, Ive made some new lifelong photographer friends!

Thank you Amy.  Thank you for inspiring me, for being selfless and sharing your priceless knowledge.  For creating an atmosphere that was warm, emotional, interesting, fulfilling, honest and real.  Thank you for making me laugh. 

There was something really magical about spending the two days with you and the other gals.  I have come away feeling wild and free to create some big changes within my own business.  I may have even learned a few truths about myself as I explored the content you offered to us.

I would attend your workshop over and over again.  

The venue was divine… such a beautiful space to learn and shoot in.  The food was glorious.  The company was perfection.

Amy, you showed that in your vulnerability you can achieve so much.  Im truly grateful for your knowledge, for your willingness to share your world with us.


So, thank you Amy x


K x