Growing of babies

Parenting, motherhood, baby growing, nurturing, teaching, loving.... all that.  What a joy.  Never to take for granted.  A lifetime guarantee of crazy, unconditional, fierce, deep deep LOVE. 

When I was growing my first babe, I remember feeling like I've got this... I'm an earth Muma, let me take it in all its glory.  I felt the calling, that primitive calling to make babies.  So, I did (we did).  I was blessed... so blessed.  But I'm a private lady, so thats all your going to get about me for now.

This photoshoot was really lovely, really peaceful and full of real giggles and sparkles from Mum + Dad.  Im excited for them, I know that they are going to show their new bundle  loads of adventure, the real wordly type.  Lucky little one!

K x