Food Photographer Canberra, Australia

Foodie.... well, I do like to eat it, style it, photograph it (not in that order)

On Saturday I took my youngest babe out... we hit the shops (actually we spent 4 hours in and around Fyshwick ACT) *postoffice *Canberra Outlet Centre (Freedom Furniture) * Sportsmans warehouse *Officeworks *Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets. 

I was fantastically surprised by my 9 year olds enthusiasm to product and food styling... perhaps it stems from all the youtube she watches? or that she has creative genes? or that she really likes spending my money on props and yummy treats (for the photos of course!)

Here are the results of our tiresome shopping (jokes, I love shopping!)

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Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets Canberra
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Food Photographer Canberra Australia
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Freedom Furniture Bowl
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