Nerio Group

Nerio, a strategic marketing agency - where ordinary has no place.

OMG perfect yes!! Who wants to be ordinary? Nahhh, not me!

Anyway, photography is my game… interiors and lifestyle imagery to aid in selling or marketing or winning awards, such as the MBA (Master Builders Awards) which awesomely happens annually and I get to play the part of photographer for a select few of legends hoping to win.. WIN!

So, when the magnificently talented Jess from asked for my help (because of my ‘STYLE’) (bless her) I was totally IN!

Here are a few examples from one of the properties we photographed in Denman Prospect, ACT.

Denman Prospect_04.jpg
Denman Prospect_05.jpg
Denman Prospect_06.jpg
Denman Prospect_09.jpg
Denman Prospect_13.jpg
Denman Prospect_14.jpg
Denman Prospect_16.jpg
Denman Prospect_18.jpg
Denman Prospect_22.jpg
Denman Prospect_24.jpg
Denman Prospect_25.jpg
Denman Prospect_26.jpg