AIPP State Awards 2019

The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers Awards presentation night was last night. I was absolutely ecstatic to be honoured with three huge awards!

1. 2019 AIPP ACT Professional Photographer of the year

ACT stamps - 19-01.png

2. 2019 AIPP ACT Commercial Photographer of the year

ACT stamps - 19-09Commercial.png

3. 2019 AIPP ACT highest scoring print

The magnitude of these awards is not lost with me, I am so completely grateful.

Each year members and non members of the AIPP put their creative talents out there to be judged and critiqued by their industry peers. It can be exhilarating and completely nerve wracking at the same time.

Judges of these awards use their technical, emotional, educated abilities to judge each print. They use their personal experiences and life views… including their knowledge in photography, art and art history. It's an important task that needs empathy and understanding that the photographer has put their heart into their work and put it out into the universe to be judged despite their vulnerability. Hoping that someone will understand it and appreciate it their work.

As creatives we are an emotional bunch of people, who manage to live our lives alongside our art. We run businesses that are solely based on our stamina and desire to be unique and driven each day. To continue learning and up-skilling, to embrace the emotional variables that comes with running a successful business that is based on your heart, mind and skill set.

You (I) need to be the master of your craft, a marketing genius, client relationship nurturer, book keeper / accountant, technical expert, architectural scholar, real estate cleaner, child wrangler, light reader, mother natures friend, location scouter, saleswomen, multitasker… mother, wife.

In business you need to know your WHY… Why do I do what I do? For the love of it, the joy of it. The spaces I see and capture and the people I do it for.
Who are my clients? It's the people I choose that fit into my aesthetic, who appreciate me and my creative style. Who are loyal and enthusiastic. Who value my work and my art. Who back me and trust in me to create something that will represent their business and their brand.

I have a really amazing support crew who continue to believe in me and my work. Thank you.
K x

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