Me. Kasey. I'm just a lover of creative expression. Be it dance, song, photography, pottery, films, mother nature, creative writing, architecture. I love strong humans in business who step forward and take risks, with a family to nurture this can be a real juggle… albeit satisfying when it is in full swing. I’m happiest when I’m with my family, in the ocean, travelling, dancing or with the sun on my face.

I have been making dollars with photography since 2012 as my full-time business. Shooting mostly interiors / lifestyle work. Although it would be perhaps smart to put all my effort into one genre, I still am open to photographing ’nearly’ anything… and enjoy the diversity it brings. My day to day work is with architects, builders, agents, marketing teams…however I will still find time for clients who ask me to document their family within their space. (I do enjoy environmental portraiture)

I feel like I am being pushed and pulled along by my business, one minute I am in my head about ways to nurture and grow it, in order to see it thrive without looking for other ways to make money. The next moment I am enjoying an influx of new and inspiring clients and am then searching for ways to nurture myself rather than my business!

In business I can feel like an imposter one day and a Queen the next. I’m not good at allowing vulnerability into my life as a natural habit, in fact I fight against it with a fierce protection to my heart. The way I heal myself on the imposter days is with sunshine, warmth, gentle tunes, warm water, yoga in my lounge room, dance. Space.

On the Queen days I’m a force to be reckoned with.

The AIPP provides a community of superb humans… If we are a group of photographers who are all open and motivated by providing support to others in the industry we will always prosper.

Honestly, I'm not one to search for inspiration online. It mostly comes organically to me. I don’t want to be a copy of someone else's work, but I do enjoy workshops that inspire and motivate me as a human rather than a photographer.

If I was to offer you some of my tastes on books, cinema, podcasts or websites I would absolutely start with (what I would say is the most brilliant cinematography) ’The Handmaid’s Tale on SBS.

The Love Love Love podcast (Yan Palmer),, SPACES magazine, It’s what I do - A photographers life of love and war by Lynsey Addario. (90% of the literature I enjoy is non-fiction)

Who do you think you are SBS, Who’s been sleeping in my house ABC, really, any Australian architectural design series.

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