Builder Display Home

There is a story here... more than just four walls with styled furniture.

This is how I like to shoot, I get excited working with beautiful spaces and adding 'talent' to the images... creating movement, flow, personality.

Throsby Real estate builder lifestyle
Throsby canberra lifestyle builder real estate
Throsby 141 Bettong St
Throsby Canberra photographer
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2018 personal post

I have needed a moment. A moment for reflection, growth, a moment for self. 
I needed to redirect my energy from last year, change that energy and place it gently and peacefully into this new year... a year for hope and more moments of self. 
I will be present in my mind and listen to my body, I will take time to breathe, to swim and pray to mother nature. 
To feel gratitude and nurture my creative needs. 
I will be the woman of strength, love and passion for my babes.

This fun pic is of my youngest love.... embracing the peace that lays beneath.

underwater photography Broulee NSW

Casey ACT

Architecture, movement, lifestyle, joy of house.... all of the things I like to include in my photoshoots.  

K x

Casey 14 Wighton Terrace_04.jpg
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Agent profile photos

Are you after a photograph that represents your professional self + your real life personality!? 

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In-home family lifestyle

We live in (or near) Canberra right?....... so, there is great need to hibernate for the loooong winter months. #Ihatethecold!!! anyway, on a more positive note this does lend itself to in-home lifestyle shoots! (which I love!) because I love warm homes... and their families.  

These two little firecrackers and their beautiful Muma (I'm biased bacause Muma is my long time bestie from school!) opened their arms, hearts and wildness to my camera and I. (Love you gals)

enjoy xx  

K x

AIPP State Awards 2017

Always a mixture of emotions when entering your art into any competition... especially the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers State awards. ACT + NSW go up together to compete for titles, points and recognition.

Last year I was awarded a gold for one of my commercial prints taken at the VIBE hotel here in Canberra. This year I won a silver for one of my Landscape images shown below.

*All images belong to Kasey Funnell Photography | copyright © 

Lifestyle | Real Estate Photography!

Commercial photography is a different ball game.  You need to be precise, accurate, you need the perfect lighting, the right level of technical skill, you need to know your gear inside out.  Lifestyle photography is where you allow yourself to break all these rules and capture the emotion of a scene.  I like to combine both practices when the opportunity arises. These images are for Home. By Holly.  

I have a real need to be different.... a need to stand out in the world of photography.   It makes creating art so much more fun!

Growing of babies

Parenting, motherhood, baby growing, nurturing, teaching, loving.... all that.  What a joy.  Never to take for granted.  A lifetime guarantee of crazy, unconditional, fierce, deep deep LOVE. 

When I was growing my first babe, I remember feeling like I've got this... I'm an earth Muma, let me take it in all its glory.  I felt the calling, that primitive calling to make babies.  So, I did (we did).  I was blessed... so blessed.  But I'm a private lady, so thats all your going to get about me for now.

This photoshoot was really lovely, really peaceful and full of real giggles and sparkles from Mum + Dad.  Im excited for them, I know that they are going to show their new bundle  loads of adventure, the real wordly type.  Lucky little one!

K x

House love

As you know, I could go on, and on, and ooooon about how much I love homes with quirk, style, feels, mood...... how much I love architecture, light falling into rooms, beautiful and unique styling, old and new furnishings matched (or not) just because the home owner 'feels' it.

I want to sit in these homes, hear stories, feel the vibes.... then I want to take beautiful artistic photos in them.  just like I did for this gorg house in Coombs ACT.  

If you own, rent or have a friend with 'house style'... let me know NOW.......... (please).  

K x

Coombs 3 Brownbill st_40.jpg

Workshop glory

A few months ago I followed my instincts all the way down to the Peninsula, Victoria..... I was lucky enough to be in attendance of the 'Life: Unmade' workshop run by the talented | spirited and beautiful Amy Rushbrook of Lark + Bear.  

I am so glad I took that step forward, for my business, for my heart and for my personal growth. Learning and joining other talents was food for my creative soul.  Plus, Ive made some new lifelong photographer friends!

Thank you Amy.  Thank you for inspiring me, for being selfless and sharing your priceless knowledge.  For creating an atmosphere that was warm, emotional, interesting, fulfilling, honest and real.  Thank you for making me laugh. 

There was something really magical about spending the two days with you and the other gals.  I have come away feeling wild and free to create some big changes within my own business.  I may have even learned a few truths about myself as I explored the content you offered to us.

I would attend your workshop over and over again.  

The venue was divine… such a beautiful space to learn and shoot in.  The food was glorious.  The company was perfection.

Amy, you showed that in your vulnerability you can achieve so much.  Im truly grateful for your knowledge, for your willingness to share your world with us.


So, thank you Amy x


K x

Family Photographer Canberra

Kissy face anyone? Oh lordy, how I love this little fella & his Mum & Dad!

Ohhhh, how his Mum & Dad love him.

This family shoot was a staged capture…. The walking stage, the stage prior to the growth of their family, the stage of much love.

You will be seeing many more family shoots with these guys involved due to the fact that this little heart stopper is my beloved nephew xx Yep, lucky me.


Family Photography Canberra

Oh. My. Goodness.  I am so thankful for pretty light, amazing hair & beautiful clients (you will understand what I mean when you lay your eyes on these images).

I have a great job, yes. Photographing beautiful families in and amongst nature/forests my favourite trees.

It helps when I have four wonderful humans in front of my lens who are willing to just enjoy themselves and have a good time whilst I capture some real moments.

If you are after a family photo shoot that is held as the sun is going down (the light is, as you can see… perfect), one where you are able to enjoy the experience.. relax and have some fun.  Then, I am your girl.  If you want some stunning, unique, real moments captured… let's talk!

I would like to thank Laura (Mum) for recognising how important it is to have family photographs.. to document the growth and changes in her little family. xo



Lifestyle Photography Canberra

So, today I did something really fun… I (we) photographed another lifestyle photographer (and friend)!

There are three of us, who like to get together and talk shop every now and then.  Three amigos Shelley, Shelly & Kasey… who love to laugh and be silly. (and take photos).

We are taking turns to photograph each other.  I pretty much bagged the last spot due to my lack of enthusiasm being in front of the camera (preferring to be behind it).  Shelley nervously volunteered to be our first model.  It's a good experience to feel what our clients potentially feel on the other side of the lens… right?

I was excited to shoot Shelley, as she has a similar vision for how she wanted her end images to look (or more importantly to feel).  She likes blur, movement and hair flinging hehe. Ok, nice… I'm in!

Shelly #2 and I climbed on top & over each other today to get that magical shot of our model.  It was fun & funny & we laughed… a lot.  Shelley got dizzy from hair flinging and had prickles in her back from laying on pine needles. Priceless and totally worth it… I'm sure.

I used to shoot film (back in the day).  My most favourite thing to do was get my prints back and sift through them.  It was a maximum level of photographic excitement on my behalf.  These days I feel that same level of enjoyment taking a moment to scroll through my digital files on the back of my Nikon.   I did this today after our shoot.  I grabbed some lunch and sat in my car unable to wait until I got back to my mac for the viewing.

There are some real moments captured here. some real feels.  That beautiful smile. Whoa, baby!